When you ask yourself who you should hire as your attorney, please ask yourself if the lawyer you hire has the experience and the expertise to take your case to trial (whether before a judge or jury) and also possesses the skill to win your case. Attorney Moushegian is the only answer to this question.


About the Lawyer

Suzi Moushegian

Suzanne (Suzi) Moushegian, Attorney & Counselor at Law, is committed to trying cases because she is first and foremost a TRIAL attorney. For over 20 years she has not shied away from going to trial. In fact, she thrives on them. During the nearly 20 years Suzanne worked in the Virginia Beach Public Defender’s office, she tried every charge imaginable, from DUI and traffic violations to First Degree murder charges. No case or charge is insignificant or minor to her nor is any case too complex or challenging for her. She has a reputation for working tirelessly to get her clients the best result possible regardless of the size of the legal challenge.

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